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Red Bear Hand Cleaner

Red Bear Hand Cleaner is a high quality, highly effective hand cleaner that gets hands really clean without petroleum solvents that cause skin irritation and dryness.


Red Bear Hand Cleaner removes virtually anything from hardworking hands, including paint, varnish, ink, dirt, grime and odors. It's also a superior degreaser.



As seen in Real Simple magazine:

"It erases stains so'll be amazed!"


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Red Bear Hand Cleaner is free of added oils, which means hands rinse clean, leaving no bad odors or residue.


Red Bear is a water-activated hand cleaner, so wet hands before applying a small scoop and lather hands together until dirt and grime are removed.


Red Bear Hand Cleaner kills odors, lasts 4 to 5 times longer than other cleaners and doesn't lose cleaning strength when left open.  With regular use, it also keeps sinks clean and it won't clog drains.


We hope you’ll try it for yourself, and see what Red Bear Hand Cleaner can do for you.


Red Bear open container



“[Your product]…worked like nothing had ever worked before. GOJO bad! Fast Orange bad! I might as well have been using baby oil to wash with compared to Red Bear. It's the best, thanks, and it keeps me clean so I can come home and play with my newborn son." P.P. Bridgeport, NE


“Red Bear is the best hand cleaner I’ve ever used, period! It removes anything I can get on my hands, including the smell! It smells great, has just the right amount of “scrub”, and I will be recommending it to all of my friends who get their hands dirty.”

Jim Ferraro, and The DDD Directory


"My boyfriend is a mechanic and suffers from psoriasis. This is the only hand cleaner that he can use that won't affect his skin condition. Thanks again for making such a great product."

S.L. Norwich, NY


"Great product, and it IS on the kitchen sink."

R.A. Middleboro, MA


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